Iran’s Solution to Religious Rights: Harassment & Death

Update: Brazilian senator’s letter to about jailed pastor

Among other pressing issues, we have debated in this campaign the concerning state of religious and human rights in Iran. United groups such as gay, religious and human rights activists, as well as local communities joined us in creating an online campaign against Ahmadinejad’s presence in Rio. The campaign encouraged several politicians to express their deep concern about human rights violations in iran in general, and specifically the case of sentenced to death Christian Pastor Nadarkhani.

On behalf of the entire Christian community in Brazil, Congressman Marco Feliciano issued the following letter directly to Iran’s leaders,and in the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

We support Congressman Feliciano, and the entire Christian community in Brazil, on making such a bold and clear pledge for Pastor Youcef’s release, and urge you to share this letter and Pastor Nadarkhany’s story in online media and blogs.

Pastor Nadarkhani Source: ACLJ

We respect the laws of your country, but in the same way as you have come to Brazil to decide on the Rio + 20 Conference, we allow ourselves to plead for the life of this man, who is our brother”

Mr. President of Iran,

I come to the presence of Your Excellency, with the backing of the entire Christian community in Brazil, to ask for clemency to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who has been detained and sentenced to death in his country for the crime of apostasy.

At this time, when the world turns to Rio de Janeiro and the occasion of his coming to our country, I submit this Open Letter, together as the humble request of Congressman who is also an evangelical pastor, for the government of Iran review the process that condemned Nadarkhani, to spare his life and return to his home where his wife and children await.

We respect the laws of your country, but in the same way as you have come to Brazil to decide on the Rio + 20 Conference, we allow ourselves to plead for the life of this man, who is our brother.

I’ve made contact with the Iranian Embassy in Brasilia, and reaffirm the Lord I’m available to the Iranian authorities to address this issue with Brazilian authorities. I promise I’ll work on everything in my power, within the laws of my country.

Brasilia-DF, June 19, 2012. Signed: Marco Feliciano – Congressman / PSC-SP

Iran’s Solution to Religious Rights: Harassment & Death

The RIO+20 Conference is dedicated to “reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection…to get to the future we want”. What does Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad bring to this conference? What will the world look like if Iran achieves the “Islamic Awakening” it wants? What would religious rights look like and how does Iran’s nuclear program affect this?

Muslim nations must continue their struggle so that they can eliminate the enemy…This century is the century of Islam…Islam that is based on jihad.”

    – Supreme Leader, Khamenei.

By law and practice, religious minorities are not allowed to be elected to a representative body or to hold senior government or military positions, with the exception that 8 of a total 270 seats in the majlis are reserved for religious minorities (3 for Christians, 2 for Armenians, 1 for Assyrians/Chaldeans, 1 for Jews and 1 for Zoroastrians).

Members of evangelical congregations are required to carry membership cards and worshipers are subject to id checks by authorities posted outside congregation centers. Meetings for evangelical services are restricted to Sundays, and church officials have to inform the Ministry of Information and Islamic Guidance before admitting new members.

According to law, Bahai blood is considered mobah, meaning it can be spilled with impunity. Sexual relations between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman, the non-Muslim faces death.

Apostasy (Muslim changing religion) is punishable by death as in the case of Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor who is sentenced to die under the crime of apostasy. He has bravely and repeatedly refused to recant his faith in return for his freedom, and he could be executed at any time. Under world pressure, Iran dropped the apostasy charges and then accused Nadarkhani of rape and espionage as a Zionist.

Once Iran becomes a nuclear power, no one will be able to force Iran to give people more religious rights.


Local citizens and guests in Rio, join the demonstration in the main event , and join Rio’s group Facebook page

More resources on Iran’s solution to Religious rights:



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