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Iran’s solution to Political Opposition

During UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon’s recent visit to Tehran calls were made to let him meet Iranian opposition leaders, in order to give a more complete picture of the political landscape in the country and mostly of the true state of human rights in Iran – Expected to be drastically less bright than the image presented by the authorities.

These requests were declined, right about when Khamenei made strategic remarks denouncing the UN and some of it’s bodies “undemocratic”. On August 30 during the NAM Summit, Khamenei slammed the “overt dictatorship” of the U.N. Security Council in a speech opening the NAM summit that included U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon in the audience.

“The U.N. Security Council has an irrational, unjust and utterly undemocratic structure, and this is an overt dictatorship,” Khamenei told the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement summit.”*

In the meanwhile, Iranian opposition leaders are trapped in their own homes, subjects of a house arrest, for over 18 months now. How could this situation be contained by a regime in a country that declares itself democratic and calls for revisions of structure and participation in the UN based on grounds of inherent  “dictatorship”?

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